The project has the main goal to stop the hard decay on the external facades.

The studio is working on the restoration of the old station of Torino Porta Susa.

Restyling of the rooms and the communal areas of the old Milanese Hotel NH Touring Hotel

Architectural and interior design for the new Hair Salon Righetto & Guanti.

Project of restoration and enhancement of the whole building and external green areas...

The charge was about direction of the restyling works of part of the facade in which is inserted the main entrance to historical hotel NH Torino Centro.

The exhibition tells the story of the long career of the famous advertiser and artist of Torino ...

The project concernes the restoration and restyling of the entire local that is close to Lingotto commercial area.

The project for the extension of the Cavanna s.p.a. in Prato Sesia (Novara).

The project involved the restoration of the entire property unit located in the centre of Turin.

After the first stop in Geneva (2017), the exhibition reaches Turin.

The project consists of the design and management of extraordinary maintenance works on buildings that are subject to constraints of cultural protection.

Famous for his fashion photographs published since the 1950s in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines.

The project concernes the restoration of the entire building that is located in the center area of Turin. 

The project winner of the call for tenders for the design and setting-up of Piazza Arbarello 8 building.

"Giansone. Sculptures to wear" is the title of the exhibition that has been set up in the noble setting of Palazzo Madama.

The work involves the architectural and interior design of the Turin headquarters of Family Restaurant Benvenuto franchise.

Inserting of a panoramic lift in the court yard of a bound building.

The urban project is the result of an accurate study based on historical analysis in which the desire for urban transformation is combined...

The aim of the project is the renovation of the inner courtyard and the ex Hammam area of the Hotel NH S. Stefano.

Several redevelopment projects have been presented with a unitary re-functionalisation project’s view...

The functional recovery of Villa Baloire’s attic was realized by organizing the spaces for residential use...

The exhibition, aimed at the rediscovery of Mario Giansone, is inspired by his work dedicated to jazz, as a cultural event at Turin Jazz Festival.

The intervention consisted in the renovation of the building and the interior design project for the new office of Studio Vairano.

The architectural interventions relating to the restructuring project of the College Artigianelli

Conservative restoration project of the decorative layout, the entrance hall spaces and the staircase of the building.

The project was carried out with a purely conservative design approach, considering the architectural limitation on the Art Nouveau villa.

Conservative restoration’s project of the building - designed in 1911 by the engineer Enrico Bonicelli - involved the entire structure, from the external to the internal layout.

The project for the B&B in Piazza Castello relates to a special location...

B&B Bligny 10 is the creation of luxury suites in the historic centre of Turin.

Conservative restoration project of the external floor of the arcade, located in the historic centre of Turin -between Via Stampatori and Via Cernaia.

As part of the conservative restoration of the entire Ex Enel Palace...

Several requalification projects have been presented, in order to involve activities dedicated to all age groups...

The extension of the monastery is conceived as a separate volume that communicates with the existing building.

The project of restoration and enhancement of the historic block, focuses on the north and west sleeves of the block.

The bulding has an high quality standard, and was built at the end of 1600. From the 1700 to 1840 was interessed by restoration works and extensions.

The building was realized in 1886, it's located inside the Valentino's park, close to the river Po.

A redevelopment project in the historic centre of Poirino, a was carried out on a building dating back to 1700 that had been abandoned for years.

The restoration project aimed to safeguard and enhance the architectural and urban complex of Piazza Carlo Felice, with the collaboration of the Superintendence for the Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Piedmont and the Urban Furnishing Sector of the City of Turin.

The restoration project of Saluzzo Paesana Palace located in the historic centre of Turin...

The conservative restoration project was carried out both on the internal areas and on the external facades of the Poirino's City Hall.

Docks Dora’s entrance roof, present on the main access of the warehouses, develops in a trident shape, characterising the covered glass path.

Project set up of a commercial space inside the Docks Dora complex (clothing and accessories store).

The noble floor of the building, built in the seventeenth century in the historic centre of Turin becomes the seat of the Fulvio Croce Lawyers' Foundation.

The tower, located in the historical centre, is the landmark of Poirino’s city, due to its visibility from the access roads to the city.

The project is part of a general redevelopment of the historic centre of Riva presso Chieri.