Docks Dora

Restauration Project of the entrance roof


Date: 2004
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: Via Valprato 68, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio
Works Amount: € 190.000,00
Professional job: Planning project, works direction and safety coordination
Enterprise: Pavin srl


Docks Dora’s entrance roof, present on the main access of the warehouses, develops in a trident shape, characterising the covered glass path. The structure, made with the Hennebique system, is composed of main reinforced concrete beams resting on pillars with rounded edges. This system helps to support an iron and glass frame, which allows for diffused lighting inside. The project represents one of the first examples of industrial restoration architecture presented at the Bressanone’s Conference in 2005 by the Arch. Daniela Biancolini, representative of the Superintendence for Artistic and Architectural Heritage of Piedmont. The intervention is carried out with the financial contribution of the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities.

Property bound by Legislative Decree 42/2004

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