Palazzo Barbaroux

Progetto di Restauro e realizzazione di unità abitative


Date: 2012 - 2015
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: via Bogino 18, Torino
Design architects: Studio Mediapolis, Studio Vairano Architettura
Work amount: 5.000.000 €
Professional job: Full project and management operations.
Enterprise: S.E.C.A.P. spa


The bulding has an high quality standard, and was built at the end of 1600. From the 1700 to 1840 was interessed by restoration works and extensions.

The plan has an internal court with double view: by one side toward via Bogino and on the other toward Palazzo Cisterna park,

It's composed by 6 floors with elegant terraces. The executive project will realize 30 apartements.


Bound building by DL 42/2004