Palazzo Comunale

Restoration and Interior Conservative Restoration Project


Date: 2005 - 2007
Commitment: Comune di Poirino (Private Customer)
Address: via Cesare Rossi 5, Poirino
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio, Arch. Livia Vigliani
Works Amount: € 50.000,00
Professional job: Planning project and works direction
Enterprise: Edile Ronco, Fabbrica Restauri Poirino


The conservative restoration project was carried out both on the internal areas and on the external facades of the Poirino's City Hall, building that preserves the monumental staircase, richly frescoed with tempera decorations of the nineteenth century. The project involved the conservative restoration of the interiors and also the restoration of the entire decorative system.

The intervention is carried out with the financial contribution of the Cultural Heritage and Systems Sector of the Piedmont Region - Law n. 58/78 promotion, protection and development of cultural activities and assets.