L’ Armonia Nascosta

Temporary exhibition Mario Giansone’s works


Date: 2016
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: Teatro di Palazzo Saluzzo Paesana - via Bligny 2, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio
Works Amount: 150.000 €
Professional job: Museum set-up and conservative restoration


The exhibition, aimed at the rediscovery of Mario Giansone, is inspired by his work dedicated to jazz, as a cultural event at Turin Jazz Festival. The aim of the project is to recreate the atmosphere of the working environment in which the artist spent most of his time. It was decided to reproduce Mario Giansone's workshop inside the space of the Theatre, through a wall composition of innocent tubes that mark the space of the installation and act as a support for the statues.

At the same time as the installation, the functional recovery of the rooms of the Theatre  Saluzzo Paesana was carried out. In addition, the studio was responsible for the graphic design and communication campaign of the event.

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