Quadrilatero Romano Residence

Interior design


Date: 2017 - 2018
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: Quadrilatero Romano, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio
Works Amount: 30.000 €
Professional job: Project planning, final and executive project, works direction


The project involved the restoration of the entire property unit located in the centre of Turin (Quadrilatero Romano district). The apartment was born as a temporary residence. The restoration project focused on the living area, where the kitchenette has been completely redesigned, integrating it with the living area and providing it with more services for modern use of kitchen. Considering that attic has limited natural lighting, light and warm colours were chosen for the finishes and coverings, such as wood on the floor and white and grey paint on the walls. A particular attention was paid to the selection of lighting fittings for the entire building unit, where were installed products by Foscarini, Davide Groppi and Flos.