Collegio Artigianelli

Building Restructuring Project


Date: 2014 - 2017
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: corso Palestro 14, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio and Lageard Studio
Professional job: Final and executive project, works supervision


The architectural interventions relating to the restructuring project of the College Artigianelli, that have been presented to the private costumer, are mainly:

  • Juvarra Theatre
  • Procope Coffee Bar, Disinè Laboratory
  • Student residences (Dorm)
  • Building Restoration facade
  • Parking

Juvarra Theater project has the purpose to return the native architectural quality to the building, equipping it with the functional and plant engineering adaptations, conforming to the new safety regulations. The project foresees the recovery of the native conformation of the spaces, the reorganization of the tower, the realization of the stage and the distribution and service places.

In addition, the adjacent Coffee Procope is used as a theatre foyer which becomes an autonomous space for more flexible use.

Finally, Disné Laboratory is presented as a single space used as a restaurant, in which the kitchen and service rooms are located in the basement.

The difficultest part of the restoration project was working between functional needs and the existing archeological elements, in order to create a useful area for the City.