Frank Horvat. Storia di un fotografo

Museum set up


Date: 2018
Commitment: MRT - Musei Reali Torino (Private Customer)
Address: Chiablese Rooms, Turin
Desing architects: Arch. Matteo Patriarca; Arch. Gabriele Iasi; Vairano Architecture Studio;
Professional job: Museum set up


Famous for his fashion photographs published since the 1950s in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar magazines, Frank Horvat is an eclectic photographer who, during his long career, has dealt at the highest level with various themes: social and travel reportage also for the Magnum Agency, the landscape, portraits, the relationship with art. The exhibition “Frank Horvat. A photographer's story” produced by the Royal Museums in the Chiablese Rooms, is curated by Horvat himself and assisted by the architects Matteo Patriarca, Gabriele Iasi and Vairano Studio.

The artist traces an interpretative key to his work, the result of a seventy-year career, presenting for the first time a part of his private collection, images that represent the history of photography in an iconic way. The exhibition is composed of more than two hundred images, retracing the long career of the photographer through even the most important historical periods from the post-war period to the present day.

Video “Allestendo Frank Horvat" and interview with the photographer