Giansone. Sculture da indossare

Museum set up


Date: 2017 - 2018
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: Palazzo Madama, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio
Professional job: Museum set up


"Giansone. Sculptures to wear" is the title of the exhibition that has been set up in the noble setting of Palazzo Madama. The exhibition presented the works of Mario Giansone, a well-known sculptor from Turin, who between 1972 and 1980 made gold jewellery (bracelets, necklaces and rings) inspired by the shapes he proposes in many variations in his stones, bronzes, paintings, tapestries, wooden matrices for his prints. The installation makes use of the rooms and windows of the beginning of the century, inside a building of an incredible artistic and architectural value.

The setting is deliberately minimal, made up of simple and archetypal forms; parallelepipeds with almost neutral, soft colours, animated by different heights, enhance the jewel-sculptures, giving a rhythm to the exhibition, as in a sort of musical score. Are more than 40 special gold jewels inserted in simple objects of refined elegance: the dark carved wooden containers, shaped as a negative material, highlight the sculptural component of the jewel and together with it become true works of art.

Thanks to the personal photos of Giansone and his workshop, that are part of the works, the museum set up proposes to transport the visitor to a familiar dimension, leaving visible Giansone's work on the material: from the lab to the sculpture and from the lab to the jewels (small "sculptures to wear").