Piazza Carlo Felice

Conservative Restoration Project and safety of the facades


Date: 2005 - 2006
Commitment: Private Customer
Address: piazza Carlo Felice, Turin
Desing architects: Vairano Architecture Studio
Works Amount: € 1.210.000,00
Professional job: Planning project and works direction
Enterprise: Findecor, Pavin srl, Gruppo Ordine, Multiedil srl


The restoration project aimed to safeguard and enhance the architectural and urban complex of piazza Carlo Felice, with the collaboration of the Superintendence for the Architectural Heritage and Landscape of Piedmont and the Urban Furnishing Sector of the City of Turin. With the aim of restoring the original facades, Hotel Jolly Ligure and the buildings at piazza Lagrange and piazza Carlo Felice were renovated at the same time. The importance of this redevelopment project is highlighted by the management of administrative procedures, thanks to the obtaining of ministerial contributions for the restoration of cultural heritage and the economic support by individual owners.

Property bound by Legislative Decree 42/2004

Press Review

  • Ocra, tortora e grigio - Piazza Carlo Felice torna ai colori originali – Quotidiano “La Stampa” Pubblicazione Piazza Carlo Felice – Restauro Conservativo delle Facciate, N. Vairano, 2005, Torino Pubblicazione Piazza Carlo Felice, N. Vairano, […] - 25 Maggio 2005
  • Riapre il caffè storico, scusate il ritardo - Quotidiano “La Stampa” - 27 Ottobre 2000